We offer an initial evaluation where we discuss your medical history, explain what the exercises involve, and evaluate your breathing patterns to decide what course of action is appropriate for you. The evaluation generally lasts 45 minutes to an hour, but times may vary.

Compliance is the key to success with breathing retraining. Noticeable results are generally evident within days of the first session, but continuing efforts are necessary to maintain and reach the ultimate goal where your breathing is calm and relaxed without your having to think about it. The beauty of the exercises is that you can do them anywhere!

Individual or small group classes are available depending on your preference and schedule.

Private Sessions
The private course for adults involves five 2 hour sessions at our Medford office (or at your home, depending on the situation) and 12 months of online or by phone follow-up support sessions. Timing of the classes is either five days in a row or spread over several weeks. Times vary depending on your availability. The cost is $500 and the evaluation is included.

You may join any group session after your course if you’d like a refresher at no additional cost.

Group Sessions
Small group sessions (3 – 5 people) follow the same format and cost $300.

Children’s Sessions
Sessions for children last 30 – 45 minutes per meeting and they must be accompanied by an adult (no charge for adult). The first meeting is often with the parents or guardians only (generally 2 hours) so they can fully understand the course and what will be required of them after their child learns the techniques. The classes involve games combined with exercises that allow the child to have fun while learning. The cost is $400.

Discounts for limited income clients and families are available, and flexible payment options can be negotiated if needed.

We work with respect to your health care provider in determining your use of medications, if and when it is safe to reduce or stop taking them.