There is nothing fun about living with asthma. People with asthma over-breathe  without realizing it (chronic hidden hyperventilation), which in turn can lead to constriction of the airways and that awful feeling of not being able to take in or let out a full breath. It sounds contradictory that the more you breathe the more breathless you feel, but over-breathing leads to an increased loss of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the blood. The correct balance of oxygen and CO2 is needed for allowing sufficient oxygen to be released to tissues and vital organs. You can have 99% oxygen in your blood, but without enough of it being released (due to excessive CO2 loss), the smooth muscle that surrounds the airways and blood vessels spasms and mucus production increases. This combination leads to the tight feeling in your chest, and asthma symptoms. In addition this causes less flow of oxygen to the brain, which decreases brain function. Just as over-eating  is not good for you, neither is over-breathing.

You can feel great and breathe freely again lessening the need for and dependence on asthma medication. With simple, safe, natural and effective breathing exercises you will retrain your breathing center to breathe calmly, gently and with no hyperventilation, thus diminishing or ending your asthma symptoms. The exercises are suitable for ages 4 to 94.

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