The way we breathe effects every cell in our bodies

Asthma, allergies, snoringsleep apnea, anxiety and many other health issues are exacerbated or often brought on by dysfunctional breathing – but this can be changed. Breathing Revelations teaches safe, natural, effective and drug free exercises to retrain your breathing.

Many people hyperventilate (breathe more than they need to) without being aware of it, which over the long term reduces the flow of oxygen to vital organs and tissues and can cause serious health issues. Numerous symptoms can be relieved when you restore healthy breathing habits, and with guidance from your doctor you may reduce or eliminate your reliance on prescribed medication. The exercises were developed by a medical doctor (Dr. Konstantin Buteyko) and are based on human physiology. Dependency on medications to sustain ones health is an unfortunate way to live, and there is always a risk of side effects that go along with medications.

Find out if breathing retraining can help you today. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule an evaluation.